Right after shaving a few nights ago, I discovered that there was one hair hole which looked like it held about 5 hairs.

Obviously, this would not do. It is unacceptable to have such a mutation. Unfortunately, having shaved minutes before, there was no way for me to pull the extra hairs out, so I had to wait.

So I waited 2 days before pulling out the tiny tweezers and going into the bathroom for surgery.

What I pulled out was not five tiny hairs. It was two gigantic somethings. They're about the width of 20 or 25 hairs each, and look kind of like they have wood grain or something. I don't remember hitting my chin on anything that could have given me splinters, so I called my favorite dermatologist and asked her about it.

She said that they might just be mutated hairs. Apparently hair, fingernails and rhino horns all come from the same place, and sometimes your hair follicles get confused and can create the wrong thing.

I can't believe I pulled out what could have grown into a chin horn. I am so disappointed in myself.